Canberra's Premier Concrete Patching & Repairs Service



Defects in building works are unfortunately becoming commonplace in the Australian construction industry. This is evident in the increase of insurance liability claims and disputes arising from poor workmanship nationally.

We have personally witnessed the deterioration of quality building work over the last 20 years and as result Foresti Pty Ltd was born. The relatively new remedial repair industry has grown significantly and continues to do so. The market is being flooded by a plethora of seemingly experienced concrete repair companies, but the reality is quite the opposite.

What separates Foresti from its competitors is our extensive knowledge of the building and construction fundamentals, and our strict compliance to the ever-increasing safety requirements for the control of silica dust. We understand the complexities, challenges and costs associated with remedial repair works. That is why we are dedicated to finding the most cost effective yet high quality repair methods to ensure deadlines and budgets are met.

Our mission is that through quality workmanship and innovation, be industry leaders in the repair and restoration of concrete structures, nationally. We take pride in providing solutions and with our extensive knowledge, aim to educate other industry leaders to strengthen the future of construction in Australia. 

Concrete Finishing / Patching

We perform repairs to all concrete defects affecting in-situ structures and precast panels.

Structural Reinforcement

Our team can provide a strengthening solution to remedy any defect.

Concrete Waterproofing

Protecting the surface to ensure that the structure is not compromised by moisture.

Concrete Repairs

We remedy everything from cracked concrete to complex defective concrete forms.